Centerless Grinders and Special Machine Tools

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Bocca & Malandrone Sunebo S.p.A. (BMS) derives from the experience in machine tool manufacturing of Bocca & Malandrone, a group that was composed by 3 plants:

Machines tool manufacturing

Production of automotive parts

Production of grounded, shaved, straightened bars

Bocca Malandrone was founded in 1946, and started in machine tool production in 1965 becoming a main manufacturer and supplier world-wide.

Since the nineties, entering in the industrial group Sunebo, BMS has focused its activities in machine tools and automation production, abandoning the machining of parts.



Since last year, the establishment of a cooperation with the Indian Company Solitaire Machine Tools (SMT) has permitted to start the production of BMS

 grinders in India, allowing to realize scale production, and create a global pole for centerless grinders manufacturing.


BMS production consists of:

1        Centerless grinding machines for through feed and plunge grinding controlled by CNC

2        Straightening machines from coils to rods for medium and high tensile steel

3        Wire shaving machines from coil to coil for medium and high tensile steel

4        Automatic installations for cold working of wire

5        Service automation for centerless grinding machines and for rod working

6        Special automatic installations to work finished parts


BMS, has always made great effort towards technological research and related developments. This emphasis towards research and development has

permitted BMS to be a key player in both the domestic and international market, providing the most sophisticated and technologically advanced

machinery but preserving the traditional solutions which better can guarantee the loger reliability and durability of the machineries (for examples hydrostatic

 slide and hydrodinamic spindle).




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