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 Centerless Grinders


The BMS grinders family is composed by three models of centerless grinder classified according to the working range diameter and grinding wheel widht: R50 CF, R90 CF and R130 CF. All BMS centerless grinders are fixed-center grinders, solution which permit to simplify the change of part machining, the automation of loading-unloading and the CN control. The complete range of BMS centerless grinders have all CN controlled axes, the accuracy, and reliability of production is guarantee by grinding wheel spindle housed on hydrodynamic self-aligning bushings preloaded and adjusted to thermal expansion and double square hydrostatic slides.



Straightening Machines

Straightening BMS Model 333

Eliminates frictions, breakages and loss of time. Versatile and strong, it enables to straight either alloyed or carbon high resistence steel rounds. The metal wire pushed into the straightening drum, is pulled by the introduction rollers which let the wire advance freely, imparting only the pre-straightening bend. It’s the drum that, acting on a group of bushes mounted on plain bearings, bends and simultaneously, impart the desired advancement. The wire, thus straightened, passed across the extractor rollers wich are in rest position, and continues across the cutting bush. When the rod reaches the desired lenght, it will automatically cutted by a shearing  machine. The extractor rollers, normally in rest position, and are driven only for the extraction of the last section of the wire.


Shaving Machines

Shaving Machine

Purpose of BMS shaving machine is the quick removal, from hot rolled wire coils, of a

Surface layer (0,1- 0,6 mm) where are located cracks and decarburisations typical of Hot rolling process. No annealing nor pickling is requested and also grinding is avoided.

The total cost of this process can be 10 times less than traditional process.

The machine has been studied to meet increasing request of zero defects wire.

Typical applications: Spring, valve, stainless steels.




Loading, unloading and measuring automatic installations for bar grinding, for work finished parts and for wire cold working.







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